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Why is my hair thinning out?

Thinning hair causes a lot of worry and stress in men and women. Before getting too concerned, it is important to know that a person has around 100,000 hairs on their head and it is normal to lose 50 to 100 every day. If hair loss is noticeably much more than that, the cause should be found.

There are several reasons why your hair could be thinning. Listed below are a few of them.


Hereditary baldness can occur to men and women at any age. The age of the person when thinning starts, the speed of the progression of hair loss and follicular miniaturization are all predisposed by genetics. In women it generally starts by thinning at the top of the head. Men usually start to get a bald spot on the crown and a receding hair line. If it cannot be determined that the hair thinning is hereditary, it is recommended to see a doctor.


Unfortunately many medications have a side effect of hair loss. If a person is taking any medications for depression, cancer, heart disease, arthritis, or blood pressure, one of those could very well be the cause. Some medications cause hair loss because they are toxic to the cells responsible for hair growth. The hair follicles get damaged and this disturbs the normal growth and shedding of hair, which over time stops the hair form growing.

Medical condition

There are also several medical conditions, or diseases that can cause hair loss. Hypothyroidism, lupus, anemia and telogen effluvium are medical conditions where hair loss is very common. The best way to treat hair loss in this case is to first treat the illness or medical condition, then look into how the hair can be regained. In most cases the hair will grow back.


An extreme physical, emotional or mental trauma puts a lot of stress on the body and causes thinning of hair. Over a long period of time, stress form the lifestyle you live along with a poor diet will also have an effect. Very often stress causes a condition known as alopecia areata. Which causes overall thinning of hair and it also makes small bald patches. Once you have healed from the stress, or changed your lifestyle, hair will start to come back.

Chemicals/Harsh styling products

Thinning hair causes are many, but one of the most unfortunate reasons are hair products and styling techniques, as they are completely avoidable. Temporarily the hair may look good. This is very misleading, as most products have chemicals in them which with regular use are detrimental to hair.They don’t only damage the quality of the hair, but eventually lead to thinning of hair. Hair is very fragile and needs to be treated with care and gentle products.