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Tricomin is a product for hair regrowth which uses copper peptides to stimulate hair growth. Copper Nutritional Complex™ is the specialized ingredient in Tricomin, which has been shown through extensive research to have positive effects on overall health of the hair.

Copper is a vital ingredient to biological processes, such as:

  • Production of melatonin
  • Energy metabolism
  • Controlling free radicals
  • Enhancement of collagen

The copper peptide GHK-Cu is a naturally produced chemical within the body. Our hair is rich with this copper element, which decreases as we get older. Hair also goes through phases or cycles of rest and growth. The base of the hair follicle is supplied by much needed substances like collagen and certain proteins during the growth cycle. These substances virtually halt during the rest cycle. As we get older, changes to these cycles can disrupt this process, known as miniaturization, and this is what affects hair thinning and loss. Copper has been shown to greatly stimulate these substances as a substitute when the cycle loses its natural effectiveness. Tricomin uses Copper Nutritional Complex™ to target the base of the follicles where these substances need stimulation the most. Panthenol is another vital ingredient that builds body and adds shine to the hair. Tests using Tricomin have reported a response rate of up to 80 percent, and continuous FDA clinical trial results also report impressive growth effects. The cosmetic benefits of Tricomin will undoubtedly be felt very quickly, while the copper elements may need longer and consistent use to take full effect.

Tricomin is for both men and women. It offers a few optional applications, including shampoos, conditioners, and spray. The shampoo and conditioner is applied daily like any normal shampoo process. It’s gently massaged into the moist hair and scalp, and left on for three to five minutes before rinsing. Tricomin solution spray is probably the most effective. Applied like a typical hair spray each day, the solution provides the highest concentration of copper peptide. It’s also compatible with other popular hair-loss products.