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Toppik hair building fibres is one of the most popular thinning hair treatment products for concealing thin hair and provides an immediate thickening effect to the hair. It works in a similar way as Nanogen Nanofibres.


Toppik hair fibers almost immediately fill in balding or thinning hair. They are made of natural organic keratin protein, the same organic protein hair is made of and are charged with static electricity so that they intertwine and bond securely with the existing hair.
The Hair Fibers are shaken onto balding and thinning areas and the fibers bond securely with the hair giving the hair a thicker and ‘fuller’ look.
They are absolutely unnoticable and are resistant to perspiration, wind, and rain but easily wash out with normal shampoo.


Hair should be towel dried or blow dried before application.

Shake Toppik over the desired areas holding the can right above the desired area to be thickened. Fibres falling onto surrounding hair can simply be dusted off and will disappear.

In case of hard to see areas such as the crown, apply Toppik with the head down, and look in the mirror filling in the spots as required. Patting the hair after application will help spread the fibers evenly about the applied area. The hair can then be styled as deired using a plastic, non-bristle brush.

If Using Toppik along with Minoxidil (or any topical treatment), the minoxidil should be applied first before applying Toppik. A few fibres may come off on the hands due to the presence of alcohol in the minoxidil solution.
It is important to note that Toppik does not offer permanent benefits and is only a temporary and quick solution to covering the thinning areas of the head. It is also required that a person using Toppik has a fair amount of hair for effective results.

Side effects

Apart from the occasional allergic reaction, Toppik does not cause any side effects.

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