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Thinning Hair in Men

man with thinning hairFew things are more embarrassing than the common problem of thinning hair in men. Since men are less likely than women to express their feelings regarding these types of issues, the problem normally escalates and is covered by a baseball cap when possible. However, there are way reverse the process and prevent escalation.

Causes :  It is first important to understand why the hair loss is occurring. It is normal to lose around 125 hairs per day. In the event that more than this is shedding, men should become alarmed. While it could simply be a matter of stress, there could exist a more sinister root cause. For example, hair loss is a symptom of thyroid disease, iron deficiency, anemia and many other illnesses; therefore thinning hair in men should certainly not be downplayed.

Treatment : Once severe problems such as those listed above are ruled out, men are encouraged to employ actions at reversing the hair loss as soon as possible. Chemical treatment options exist such as minoxidil and propecia. These manufactured have been tested and proven effective in hair loss reversal. By applying minoxidil directly to the affected area, it is believed that increased blood flow to the hair follicles is promoted, and this product can be purchased over the counter. Propecia is ingested in pill form and reacts with an enzyme known as 5 alpha-reductase and can be obtained with a prescription.

Hair transplants are increasingly popular. This process, performed under local anesthesia, involves harvesting productive hair follicles from one region of the body to the area affected by balding. Side effects are minimal and can include swelling and itching, but they can normally be alleviated with medication. Many men have experienced positive and effective results following hair transplant surgery.

For those wishing to avoid surgery, it is worthwhile to explore the possibility of purchasing high quality hair pieces. These artificial hair sources are made to look very natural and can be an easy fix to male hair loss.


While many men simply laugh at hair loss and pretend it doesn’t bother them, thinning hair in men is a issue that no man wishes to live with. By exploring innovative new options that have resulted in scientific exploration, however, the problem can often be overcome by discovering the root of the problem and employing the correct cure.