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Scalp Massage for Thinning Hair

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Many people are now using scalp massages for battling thinning hair and hair loss.

While there is actually no scientific correlation between massage and slowing of hair loss, it is theorized that a scalp massage stimulates blood flow to the scalp and in conjunction with moisturizing oil is beneficial for healthy hair growth. Also, these massages known for their recuperative properties, helps lower stress and blood pressure. Stress and anxiety are known contributors to thinning hair, so the link is practical.

Benefits of Scalp Massage

Manually applying pressure to the head warms the skin of the scalp, dilates blood vessels and boosts blood circulation. Nourishing massage oils condition the skin, minimizing dandruff and dry skin. These oils are also excellent for strengthening hair shafts and roots.

Performing Scalp Massage

A massage is therapeutic in the sense that it promotes relaxation and mental well-being. Yet, it is meaningless if the act is not done properly. Listed below are some tips on how to massage your scalp.

  1. Choose the right massage oil:
    Some of the popular ones are almond, lavender, coconut or rosemary
  2. Warm the oil
  3. Moisten your fingertips and gently spread the oil over the entire scalp
  4. Begin massaging at the hairline, using a medium pressured, tight, circular motion with your finger tips.
  5. Work back to the base of the skull
  6. After reaching the neck, perform the same action to the sides starting at the temple
  7. Once the entire scalp is done, repeat the process
  8. Each time apply a little more pressure to the movement
  9. Leave the oil in your scalp for about a half hour
  10. Wash hair with shampoo

Give yourself a scalp massage as often as you’re comfortable with. Don’t expect an overnight miracle. Doing it three times a day won’t make anything happen sooner. Don’t let it become a chore.

To ensure relaxation benefits, treat yourself to professional treatments at a spa or talk a friend, or better, a significant other, into bringing their hands to the task.


While it hasn’t been scientifically proven, the advice above could be beneficial in combating thinning hair.

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