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Nioxin for Thinning Hair

nioxinNioxin is a popular line of scalp and hair care products that are known to increase hair volume, making thinning hair a common problem of the past. There are eight different product lines available, so regardless of your hair type, a solution is available.

Within each of the Nioxin product lines, there are three treatment options that when used in conjunction with one another should cleanse the scalp and optimize healthy hair growth.

The treatments begin with Scalp Recovery, which introduces proteins and moisturizing vitamins to reduce the problems that come with dry scalp. Next is Scalp Renew, the anti-aging, microdermabrasion treatment which removes dead skin cells and promotes the growth of thick, healthy hair. Finally, Intensive Therapy targets the hair itself with proteins and nutrients that repair damaged hair and promote healthier, thicker hair growth.

Alongside the treatment products, there are number of stylers available, such as gels and finishes, to ensure that the hair care products you use do not interfere with the revitalization of your hair.

The advanced technologies utilized to make all of this possible include BioAmp, Glyco-Color Shield, Scalp Access, SmoothPlex, and Transactive Delivery System.

BioAmp makes use of glycol proteins that give the hair strength starting from within the follicle as cystine acids repair the already present hair and seal off the hair cuticle to prevent further damage. Meanwhile, the Glyco-Color Shield protects your hair from harsh chemicals that are a part of typical hair styling treatments and products. Scalp Access and SmoothPlex each enhance the hair with moisturizers, proteins, and nutrients that work on both the scalp and the hair. The Transactive Delivery System also uses moisturizing nutrient and vitamins, but works on a time release program that keeps the products working long after you have applied them.

Users should be aware that these products are all natural, and Nioxin Research Laboratories, Inc. refused to utilize animals in the clinical testing of the products.
Nioxin is widely available in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, Asia, and South Africa; it can be purchased at many professional hair salons, as well as online.