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How to Stop Thinning Hair

Men and women really want to know how to stop thinning hair. Many may think there is absolutely nothing that can be done or the alternatives are too costly. However, there are many practical solutions that can help a person in having a full head of hair once again.


Minoxidil is a medication that is now available over-the-counter although a prescription was required in the past. This topical solution is offered by several companies and has been shown to be effective for regrowing hair on the scalp. It is not intended for a receding hairline or baldness in the frontal area. read more on minoxidil


Finasteride is a product that was initially used to treat prostrate problems but has been lately been shown to have positive results in treating male pattern hair loss. It is a prescription medication that is intended for men only. read more on finasteride


For those who wish to try the natural route, an increased intake of vitamins A,B,C, D, and E has been shown to boost the growth of hair and reduce thinning. People can try a combination of supplements and healthy foods which are filled with these powerful vitamins. read more on vitamins

Natural Remedies

Believe it or not, a proper diet is one way to stop thinning hair. Including a diet rich in vitamins and minerals is extremely important and folic acid is a must. Drinking a juice made of lettuce and spinach juice is a healthy addition. A hormonal imbalance could be an issue as well. As men and women age, their hormones will be off balance. There are natural supplements that help to get the body back in order once more with positive effects on one’s hair. Another effective alternative is a scalp massage. Rinsing with cold water first, a person rubs the scalp vigourously until the skin feels warm. This stimulates the sebaceous glands. Combining the massage with Alma oil can be even more effective. Mustard oil with henna leaves, coconut milk, onion, coriander, castor oil and fenugreek can all be applied as well.

Hair Transplant

A hair transplant may be the most costly resort if all else fails or a person can’t wait. read more on hair transplant