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Hair Pieces for Thinning Hair

hair pieceAlopecia, or thinning hair, is a problem that affects millions of men and women all over the world. While many who find that they are losing their hair simply accept the fact, many others cannot accept their thinning hair and seek a way to treat the problem. There are many alopecia treatments out there that range from the use of drugs such as minoxidil or corticosteriods to surgical procedures such as hair transplants or scalp reductions, but perhaps the simplest and most common method involves the use of hair pieces to hide hair loss.

The use of hair pieces to hide thinning hair and hair loss is nothing new, as people have been using generic wigs for centuries. A wig is usually not a great solution to the problem, however. Many wigs can be very expensive, particularly more elaborate ones. They are also usually too general and not always intended for a specific person. A person is unique in many ways, and that includes their hair. Different people have different hair colors and textures, so those who wish to hide a head of thinning hair are almost always better off with a custom-made, silky-soft hair piece. Hair pieces such as these are made to blend in seamlessly with a person’s remaining hair and presents the illusion that new hair has grown naturally from the scalp. In other words, a well-made hair piece can make the problem of thinning hair practically disappear.

Of course, the creation of an elaborate and well-made hair piece can take some time. They are made to the specifications of the client, and they must accurately match his or her natural hair and not look like a hair piece or wig. A client often has to make a consultation appointment with a maker of wigs and hair pieces to discuss what options are available. An examination is often performed to determine what kind of hair piece works best for the client. These hair pieces can be anything from a small toupee intended to hide a bald spot to a full-cap piece that covers the entire head. The hair piece is then hand-crafted to the client’s specifications. The entire process is actually far less expensive than many realize, and the result is often what appears to be a full head of healthy hair. The client may not have his or her own hair, but he or she will not have to worry about feeling self-coscious about a head of thinning hair.